How to Create a Rider Tecnico for Musicans Online

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A complete music technical rider should include all that a musician needs for making a flawless stage performance in a live concert. The musicians usually have a list of instruments that may be used according to the demands and wishes of the audiences. A wrongly anticipated Rider Tecnico can ruin the whole zeal of the event. Imagine a microphone doing wrong to the beats and changing the vibe of vocals. This is the reason that a Rider Tecnico has great importance in making any live music concert successful. You should know all details about technical requirements while preparing a technical rider for any musician. A musician may not be aware of all the technical details as he is not an engineer, therefore, musicians should consult an expert to prepare a list of all the items for the technical rider. There are other ways to build a technical rider online without much of the technical; knowledge is also possible. Here we will enlist a few things that should be a part of a technical rider.

1. Instrumentation

The list should include what and how many kinds of instruments will be required for the show and also you should declare what you will be carrying by yourself for the show. Usually, musicians want to use their own set of microphones to comply with their vocal requirements but if you are not the one carrying with yourself, you should simply mention on the rider that “We do not carry microphones, wires, and other tiny equipment” so that the organizer make it up for you on the event.

2. Group Members

The rider should include how many group members or band members will be accompanying you on the stage and how many mics will be required with what specifications. The number of persons performing on the stage at the same time should be provided with separate mics and wiring systems to attach their instruments accordingly.

3. Stage Plot

The plan of the stage arrangement for each instrument, musician, and vocalist should be provided in a Rider Tecnico to enable the organizer to make connections according to the stage plot. It should be mention that where your pianist will sit and where will be guitarist playing the guitar and similarly, who will be there and at which position on the stage. The position of mics, amplifiers, and monitors as well as the cable arrangements should be included in a stage plot.

Now, as you all know about what a technical rider is and how it is prepared, let us tell you that you can do it all so effortlessly by using free online tech rider maker. You just need to add the number of group members and instruments that they will play and a technical rider will be generated accordingly. You can also make a stage plot online by dragging the instruments from the list to the stage and make an optimal stage arrangement by looking onto the template. These online generated technical riders can be improved later by an experienced musician or technician