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Rub Díaz M. Mentoring & Events

I'm Venezuelan, visionary, adventurous entrepreneur, and social network lover. I'm lives in the Netherlands but has previously lived in Great Britain and Spain.

I have proven, three-year, international track record for event management, leading and coordinating events, workshops, seminars, and congresses. I'm a strong networker, and is social media-driven with a passionate, action-oriented personality.

I'm develops my digital projects and women who want to start their own adventures.

I'm founder ?

⚖️ “Extranjería 2.0”, an immigration consultancy service with specialized lawyers.

?”Emigrar y Emprender,” a periodic entrepreneurial event.

?Also, with Yamily Figueroa, co-organize “Reinvéntate en el Extranjero,” an online community helping professionals start their careers in foreign countries. Now it is called Tribu Expat.

I'm holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the Santa María University, Venezuela, recognized by the University of Alcalá, Spain, a master’s degree in procedural law from the National University of Rosario, Argentina, and a master’s degree in sustainable human development from the University of Girona, Spain.

My favorite phrase: Success is achieved with work and faith. By me ?

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