Google Executive Claire Hughes Johnson Named to Hallmark Board of Directors

Tuesday, July 30 2013

KANSAS CITY, Mo., June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Claire Hughes Johnson, Vice-President at Google Inc., has been elected to the board of directors of Hallmark Cards, Inc.

"Claire Hughes Johnson has broad experience in developing innovative new businesses and business models," said Donald J. Hall Jr., Hallmark vice chairman, president and chief executive officer. "Her knowledge of the rapidly changing digital space as well as her experience leading global business and product teams will help us as we consider new opportunities and develop strategic plans to expand our business."


"No one understands the power of emotional connection like Hallmark does," said Claire Hughes Johnson. "We all strive to connect with those around us and I'm excited to help Hallmark explore ways that technology can complement and enhance those connections."

Claire H. JohnsonHughes Johnson currently leads the Google Offers business, responsible for delivering a compelling mobile-to-store experience that connects businesses with relevant customers looking for great offers. Since joining Google in 2004, Johnson also led the business teams responsible for Gmail, Google Checkout (now Wallet) and Google Apps. Most recently she led Global Online Sales and the New Products and Solutions teams, responsible respectively for acquiring and serving thousands of advertisers and partners, and for commercializing new product areas for Google. Hughes Johnson also serves as co-lead and executive sponsor of the Global Women@Google Network and is a member of the Google Diversity Executive Council.

Prior to Google, Hughes Johnson worked in management consulting, developing marketing and customer strategies for large media companies. Her career began in Massachusetts state politics, working for the Attorney General and running gubernatorial, state and local campaigns.

Hughes Johnson earned a bachelor's degree with honors from Brown University and an M.B.A. from Yale School of Management. She serves as a trustee of Milton Academy and as an advisor to Citizen Schools. She resides in Menlo Park, CA, with her husband and children.

SOURCE Hallmark Cards, Inc.

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