World’s Top MBA Programs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Monday, March 31 2014

Every year the Financial Times ranks the world’s top 100 Business Schools. Even though there are 12,000 business school programs worldwide, the study examines only the top 100.

20140127-fta-ft-mba-rankings woman-graduate355The study is based on surveys of the current school staff and students as well as alumni from the class of 2010, assessing issues such as career progress, idea generation and diversity.


Of note in the report is the ROI on tuition fees. MBA graduates from the top 20 schools can expect an average of 105% salary increase after graduation. Top tier schools cost, however an average investment of $120,000 for 2 years, while lesser known programs can range from $7,000 - $60,000. It certainly represents a big decision and investment in terms of both time and money.

Most MBA graduates cite the benefit of an extensive network of professionals in their respective alumni communities. But intangibles aside – is it worth it? 30% the CEOS at top global FT 500 companies have an MBA, in the US, the number rises to 50%. So, yes, top management still reflects a strong presence of b-school grads.

When it comes to gender equality, (percentage of female students, female faculty and female board members), the top 10 list changes dramatically. Unfortunately at the elite schools it’s still a man’s world. So, while you may not be looking for an all-female business school, you may want to consider a more women-friendly campus, to focus on learning rather than trying to prove yourself in the traditional all-boys club.



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