Don’t Miss! Cinco de Mayo, aka May 5th!

Monday, May 05 2014

As we head into May the weather across the nation has been anything but typical. From severe thunderstorm warnings and devastating tornados in the mid-west, flood warnings in NY, and now, record heat from the jet stream threatening more fires across much of the nation, this month has gotten off to a complicated start.

If you’re lucky enough to have pleasant, sunny weather today, take a break after work today to try a something beyond tequila shots and margaritas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (that means the 5th of May in Spanish). In Mexico this day celebrates its independence from French forces in 1862. However, in the U.S. this day has turned into a day to celebrate cultural heritage for many Mexican-Americans.


If you’re not up for an agua fresca or a michelada today you might consider changing up your coffee routine and try a cup o’ joe from one the these joints named one of the 38 essential coffee shops in America.

And of course, don’t forget that Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Still haven’t gotten Mom anything? Here are some fresh alternatives to your standard fall-back Mother’s Day gifts you might try. But most importantly, make sure you do something special for Mom not just on Sunday but show her how you appreciate her every day. Work with mom? Carolina Herrera, Jr. talks about how working alongside her mom and her sister is a positive experience.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

In tech news, Apple has acquired LuxVue, which to date seems to be the best clue that the tech giant will be joining the wearable tech world with an iWatch in the near future. As the playing field gets more crowded in wearable tech, we’re excited to see what this design behemoth will bring us next.

The Pay Gap: A Gender Issue

equal-pay-dayThere’s been quite a lot of talk in the press recently around the pay gap, with some detractors of the equal pay bill trying to blame gender salary inequality on types of occupations and working conditions, and not on gender itself. Well according to a data from a study by Claudia Goldin at Harvard University, there is indeed a gender-attributed difference in salaries even when controlled for occupation, education, age, race and hours worked. The gap seems to also be highest in the highest paying jobs, like financial specialists, surgeons and lawyers.

But being a woman at work isn’t all negative. There are plenty of ways that women can make better managers and leaders without trying to be more like men. Here are four feminine traits that you can maximize at work.


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